Benone Olaru was born on the 18th of July, 1966 at Hunedoara (Romania), a small city of the Western Romania known among other things for its enchanting Middle Age castle.

His infancy is tied to the nature and since that young age, between forests and hills, he was amusing modeling the clay and chalk; the passion for design comes to Benone transmitted from his father, whilst the ability in modeling the wood was passed down from his grandfather who used to be a wine barrels manufacturer.

ZoomPassed off the adolescent phase, it rises the necessity "to acquire a trade and make a living", as a mechanic; but that does not succeed in tampering its artistic inclination. The turning point occurred during the military service: the field officer Dragomir Nicolae, an expert wood molder and skilled decorator, perceiving Benone's artistic vein, definitively orientated him towards the road of the art. And therefore, finished the military service, Benone follows Dragomir's advise beginning to work as a chisel and, subsequently, enrolling to the School of Fine Arts.