Benone Olaru


1993   First Prize, International Sculpture Competition for students.
1999   Award, Silver Plaque International Critics of Art, ETRURIA ARTE10.
2000   Encyclopedic Dictionary of International Contemporary Art 2000/2001

Cultural formation

1988   Diploma of ornamental and decorative sculpture.
1992   Study of anatomical design in the Medicine School of Bucharest.
1993-1994   School and working activity of wood restoration for the National Museum of Bucharest and for the Village Museum.
1996   Graduated in Sculpture of the National Academy of Fine Arts of Bucharest.

Professional experience

1986-1988   Working activity in a marble factory for interior decorations.
1988-1989   Working activity in the Orthodox Church "Ghelari" - wood sculpture.
1995   Working activity at the handicraft sculpture studios of Pietrasanta.
2004   Lavoro Arte Sacre in Monte Athos,Grecia.
2005   Working activity with Granito, in Seoul, South Korea.


1998   June: creation of a fountain, "Genesis", for the Public Square (Piazza Nuova) of Municipality of Ormea (CU).
1998   October: creation of a fountain in black marble "Romeo and Giulietta" for the Municipality of Ormea (CU).
1999   August: member of the prizes awarding commission (as a sculpture expert) to the contest called "Seconda Chiamata alle Arti 1999" of the Municipality of Caltavuturo Palerino (XX).
2000   October: monument to the Fallen for the Municipality of Armo.
2000   December: creation of a fountain "Legend of the Bridge of Corni" for the Municipality of Ormea (CU).
2001   September: commemorative monument for the Province of Cuneo.
2001   November: creation of a fountain "The Angel of the Source" for the Municipality of Ormea (CU).
2002   March: realization of the Crucifix in chestnut tree wood (cm 240x200) for the "Visitazione della Beata Vergine Maria" Parish, Diocese of Massa Carrara - Pontremoli.
2002   June: monument to the Fallen for the Municipality of Ormea (CU).
2002   July: commemorative plate for the General Stefano Bitch in black marble of Ormea.
2003   March: Monument to the Canadair Pilots for the Province ofSavona and Municipality of Ormea.
2003   June: fountain dedicated to the Fallen with a fire estinguesher airplane - Quiliano.
2004   June: monument of Marco Pantani - Ormea's black marble, Colle Fauniera (CN).
2004   November: monument of Napoleon - Ormea's black marble, Castello di Monsabiglio (CN).
2005   December: monument "Romanesc" - wood and granito, for Hankuk University, Seoul (South Korea).
2006   May: wooden angel in Mondovì Train Station Gardens.
2007   January: Commemorative Plaque for Police Barracks of Ormea.
2007   July: Don Michael Paschetta Monument for the City of Ormea.
2008   April: Memorial marble relief, the City of Garesio.
2009   May: Artisan Construction of Monument, black marble, the City of Rezzo.
2009   October: Realization of black marble monument for Briga alta City.
2010   July: Creating the capital for Manastirea Nicula (Romania)
2011   June: Realization of Pope John Paul II in lime wood (220x50 cm) for the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish – Diocesi di Massa Carrara Pontremoli.

Individual exhibitions

1998   June: Exhibition at the Academy of Romania, Rome - Italy.
1999   April: Exhibition at the Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research, Venice - Italy.
2001   June: Municipality of Carcare, Italy.
2001   September: Municipality of Ormea, Italy.
2001   November: Municipality of Montegrosso, Italy.
2002   August: Fair of Mondovì, Italy.
2005   June: Castello di Monsabiglio, Italy.

Group exhibitions

1992   June: "Arta 92", at the National Academy of Art (School of Fine Arts), Romania.
1993   April: Exhibition at the Dalles art gallery "The Students of the National Academy of Art" - Romania.
1995   November: Exhibition at the National Theatre "The Students of the National Academy of Art" - Romania.
1997   June: "Yearbook of Art 96", Pisa - Italy.
1998   May: "Young Sculpture Without Frontiers", Volterra - Italy.
1998   September: "International Exhibition in Marbles and Granites", Verona - Italy.
1999   July: "Etruria Art", 10° Exhibition and Market of Contemporary Art, international competition of sculpture and painting, Venturina – Italy – awarded the "Silver Plate" Prize.
2001   August: Amsterdam, Holland.
2002   April: "Maison Des Artistes" Plage du Chateau, France.
2002   July: Cuneo, Italy.
2009  April: May,Rosa Perks Museum,Montgomery,Alabama.
2009  July: October : The fourteenth edition of Art & City, the City of Saint John in Persian.
2009   September: October,Cultural Center « Luigi Russo »,Pietrasanta,Italia.
2010  June: « DIALOG »Sculptor Romanians in Italy,Marina di Massa
2011  June-October: Jesolo Open air art "The song of stone", Jesolo, Italy.


1998   September: Municipality of Rivarossa. Performed in seven hours a sculpture in oak tree wood with a diameter of 100 cm and a height of 200 cm using a Husqvarna electric saw.
1999   May: Municipality of Viareggio. Performed a sculpture in lime tree wood with a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 240 cm using a Husqvarna electric saw.
1999   August: Municipality of Seravezza. Performed in seven hours a sculpture in plane tree wood with a diameter of 100 cm and a height of 220 cm using a Jonsered electric saw.
1999   September: Municipality of Rivarossa. Performed a sculpture in cherry tree wood (cm 240/70) in five hours using only a Husqvarna electric saw.
2000   September: Municipality of Rivarossa. Performed a sculpture in cherry tree wood (cm 200/70) in five hours.
2001   September: Municipality of Ceva. Performed the sculpture 'Angel of Peace' in beech tree wood (cm 300/90) in nine hours.
2001   October: Municipality of Ormea. Performed the sculpture "The Guardian Angel" in beech tree wood (cm 500/80) in seven hours.
2001   November: Municipality of Montegrosso. Performed the sculpture "The Good Shepherd", using a Stihl electric saw (personal sponsor), from a beech tree log (cm 200x80) in six hours.
2001   December: Municipality of Viola. Performed a sculpture using the Stihl electric saw from an oak log (cm 250x80) in seven hours.
2002   April: Fair of Valcasotto. Performed a sculpture of Bacchus to natural dimensions in black marble in seven hours.
2002   May: Municipality of Ormea. Performed a sculpture using the Stihl electric saw from a beech tree log (cm 300x80) in seven hours.
2002   July: Municipality of Bagnasco. Performed a low-relief (basrelief) in tables of beech tree (cm 200x90) in six hours.
2003   February: Municipality of Pietrasanta, Museo dei Bozzetti. Performed a sculpture from a pine tree log using an electric saw.
2010  August: City Hall of Carcare,create a sculpture with a log of oak (250x70 cm) in 7 hours using Stihl chain saw
2010  September;ROMANIA, created a sculpture with Stihl chain saw with a beech tree in 3 hours.
2010  October: Bardinelo,create a sculpture with Stihl chainsaw from the trunk of a beech (200x90 cm) in 4 hours.
2011  February: Pietrasanta, create a sculpture with a chainsaw Echo a truncated Piopio (320x110 cm) in 7 hours.
2011  April: Versiliana performance of linden wood sculpture,Papa Giovanni Paolo II,with a diameter of 60 cm and 230 cm height using a chainsaw Husquarna.


1992   July: bronze sculpture, Calan, Romania.
1993   August: International Symposium "Poiana cu Schit, sculpture with wood and painting, Romania" First award for work "Nodo".
1993   September: Pucioasa, Romania.
1996   July: Marble sculpture, Ormea, Italy.
1997   September: Marble Sculpture, Front, Italy.
1998   July: Black Marble Sculpture, Ormea, Italy.
1998   September: International Marble Sculpturing, Front, Italy.
1999   August: Internationa Symposium of Marble Sculpturing "Three Sculptures for third Millennium", Municipality of Caltavaturo ( PA), Italy.
2000   July: Black Marble Symposium, Ormea, Italy.
2010  September: International Symposium of Sculpture in Marble,Caransebes-Romania